Plume Aviation Academy

Building the Next Wave of RWA Projects


Priority access to Take Flight Program

Our accelerator offers a full suite of web3-specific resources and discounts for founders in our “Take Flight” program: auditors, dev tooling, to even payroll!


Each company works with a dedicated core team member who will be responsible for checking in with their founders on a bi-weekly basis. Mentors will work with their team to set relevant KPIs and measure their progress over the 3-month program.

Developer support

Plume’s developer team will join in on the bi-weekly check-in for any needed support to help you take your company to the next level.

Access to events and conferences

Whenever Plume has a presence at a conference, whether it’s at Token2049, ETH Denver or Korea Blockchain Week, each company will get first access to our private events and sponsored events.


What types of support can projects accepted into the Plume Aviation Academy expect?

Projects accepted into the Plume Aviation Academy will receive support, including technical, operational, and business advice from experienced RWA projects. Additionally, they will benefit from accelerated grant funding, mentorship from industry leaders, and access to a wide range of resources provided by Plume Network and it’s wide range of partners.

Which projects can apply?

Both existing projects that want to leverage or migrate to Plume Network and novel projects in the ideation or development stage are eligible. However, priority will be given to projects with at least a well-structured idea and clear path towards building a successful RWA project. The selection criteria will focus on the project’s potential for innovation, technical feasibility, business viability, and alignment with the goals of the Plume ecosystem.

How should the grant funding be used?

The grant funding should be used to assist with web3 development, liquidity, adoption, and/or awareness. The goal is to support RWA projects with scalable, innovative approaches to create value for the broader Plume Network ecosystem.

How can I apply?

Interested builders can apply by filling out this form. The application review process typically takes 3-5 weeks. During this time, the Plume Network team will evaluate your submission, schedule an intro call if necessary, and decide on your application. Should you be accepted into the Plume Goon family, you will be informed of the outcome via email or telegram.

Will I receive any financial compensation while participating in the Plume Aviation Academy?

Yes, if you have been interviewed by the committee and successfully joined the program, you will be awarded compensation based on the milestones.

What is the deadline for applying to the Plume Aviation Academy?

No specific deadline has been set. The program is on a rolling basis. Please kindly refer to our Plume Network official Twitter for updates.

Now isn't a suitable time for me to join, but I am interested. What should I do?

If the current timing is not convenient for you, we suggest that you still apply through the application form and share your contact details. This will enable you to receive future updates and stay connected with our team.

Is the Plume Aviation Academy appropriate for me if I'm already running a project?

If you have not yet raised tokens/equity investment and consider yourself a suitable match for the Plume ecosystem, please kindly submit the application. The Plume Aviation Academy is designed for founders at the earliest stages of their company journey.

Do I need to establish a company before applying for the Plume Aviation Academy?

If you have not yet established a company, the Plume Aviation Academy offers access to professional legal service firms that can assist you with the incorporation process and help determine the most appropriate course of action. We welcome all applicants with great ideas for changing up the RWA space!