February 6, 2024

Unleashing the Future: Plume Network’s Seamless Integration to Arbitrum Orbit

2 min read

Exciting News! Plume Network, the first modular RWA L2, is now live on Arbitrum Orbit. Choosing to integrate with Arbitrum was a clear and easy decision, given its position as the foremost layer 2 scaling solution.

Launched by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum Orbit stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution in blockchain infrastructure. Positioned as a layer 2 scaling solution, it boldly addresses Ethereum’s scalability limitations, offering faster and more cost-effective transactions while maintaining the robust security and decentralization inherent in the Ethereum network.

By leveraging Arbitrum Orbit, Plume can seamlessly process transactions at an accelerated pace, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience. Moreover, transaction costs on the Ethereum mainnet have long been a concern for DApps. However, Arbitrum Orbit tackles this issue by significantly reducing transaction fees, especially for niche RWA operations, providing Plume Network with an opportunity to create a more economically accessible environment for users and thereby fostering greater adoption.

We are thrilled to join Arbitrum’s diverse Orbit Ecosystem and lead the way as the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated for all real-world assets. Stay tuned for more updates!

About The Arbitrum Foundation

The Arbitrum Foundation, founded in March 2023, supports and grows the Arbitrum network and its community with secure scaling solutions for Ethereum. Arbitrum One — a leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution initially developed by Offchain Labs — offers ultra-fast, low-cost transactions with security derived from Ethereum through Optimistic Rollup technology. Launched in August 2021, the Arbitrum One mainnet beta is EVM-compatible to the bytecode level and has 60%+ TVL in the L2 segment. 400+ DeFi and NFT projects live in the ecosystem to date. In August 2022, Arbitrum One upgraded to the Nitro tech stack, enabling fraud proofs over the core engine of Geth compiled to WASM.

About Plume

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated for all real-world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. Our mission is to simplify the convoluted processes of RWA project deployment and offer investors a blockchain ecosystem to cross-pollinate and invest in various RWAs. In addition, Plume enables RWA composability (for specific assets) through its thriving DeFi applications and provides access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized RWAs.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/plumenetwork
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/plume
Website: https://www.plumenetwork.xyz/
Telegram: https://t.me/plumenetwork