March 6, 2024

Unleashing RWAs at ETHDenver and Beyond

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Summary of Plume’s ETHDenver Events

Our recent strides in the RWA space have been remarkable, considering we’ve only been operating at full capacity for about a few months. The fact that our brand has gained significant recognition in such a short time is a testament to the value of our work.

Throughout our recent endeavors, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pulse of the industry. Co-hosting 11 events provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders. From Celestia’s Modular Acceleration Day, to Polyhedra’s BBQ or Caldera’s Hacker House, we had a ton of opportunities to connect with a variety of people in the space. Our RWA Happy Hour was particularly noteworthy, drawing in a vibrant crowd and fostering lively discussions.

Moreover, our participation in panel discussions centered around RWAs and the industry’s trajectory allowed us to share our insights and expertise with a wider audience. By contributing to these conversations at Unstable Summit or at Privy’s Founder’s Panel, we’ve solidified our standing as trusted voices within the community.

These experiences have underscored our commitment to innovation and collaboration in the RWA space. We often spoke about the RWA industry today and how we view it through a crypto lens, enabling composability between RWA and DeFi projects. Looking ahead, we’re poised to build upon these foundations and continue driving positive change within the industry.

RWA Trends at ETHDenver

Our presence at ETHDenver elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees, who eagerly embraced our vision for elevating RWAs to unprecedented heights. Traditionally, RWAs have been viewed as static assets, purchased and simply held on-chain with limited utility. However, our groundbreaking initiative, Plume, promises to revolutionize this paradigm by introducing a new era of composability between RWAs and DeFi.

The concept of composability represents a paradigm shift, unlocking a wealth of untapped potential within the RWA ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating RWAs into the broader DeFi landscape, Plume facilitates dynamic interactions and synergies that were previously unimaginable. This innovative approach not only enhances the utility of RWAs but also opens up a myriad of trading and liquidity opportunities, transforming them into vibrant and liquid assets.

The enthusiastic reception of our messaging underscores the industry’s hunger for innovation and progress. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem. With Plume leading the charge, we’re poised to unlock unprecedented value and catalyze the next wave of growth and innovation in the RWA space.

Our Flagship Event — “Assets on the Rocks”

Our recent Plume event, “Assets on the Rocks”, co-hosted with Supra, Centrifuge, Huma, and Hashkey was an absolute triumph, attracting an impressive 800 sign-ups and boasting a turnout of approximately 300 enthusiastic attendees. The sheer energy and excitement pulsating through the venue were electrifying, creating an atmosphere ripe with opportunity and possibility.

Among the attendees were an array of distinguished guests, including top tier VCs, Plume ecosystem projects, infrastructure partners, potential collaborators, and Plume ambassadors. Their presence not only elevated the event to new heights but also underscored the significance of our work within the industry.

Which Conferences are Next for the Plume Team?

Our journey in the RWA space has been marked by significant milestones and community growth. With over 56+ ecosystem projects now actively building on our platform, it’s evident that our vision resonates deeply within the industry.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue fostering this sense of community and collaboration. Our upcoming engagements at the Digital Asset Summit in London and Token2049 in Dubai present invaluable opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and further expand our network.

If you share our passion for innovation and are interested in joining our community, we welcome you to reach out and connect with us. Together, let’s shape the future of RWAs and DeFi in a meaningful and impactful way.

About Plume:

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to all real-world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. Our mission is to simplify the convoluted processes of RWA project deployment and offer investors a blockchain ecosystem to cross-pollinate and invest in various RWAs. In addition, Plume enables RWA composability (for specific assets) through its thriving DeFi applications and provides access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized RWAs.