January 22, 2024

Project Spotlight: Libertum

4 min read

We are delighted to announce that Libertum, a tokenized real estate marketplace, is now building on Plume!

Interview with Libertum

Could you explain what Libertum is for those who might not know? What are its core mission and values?

Libertum’s ambition is to build a company that will change the traditional real estate market forever. Our core mission at Libertum is to make real estate investment in premium properties across the globe accessible to everyone.

We have built a marketplace where property owners can upload commercial properties. We tokenize the right to the rental income they generate, and property owners receive interest-free capital in return. Retail investors can then invest in these properties and enjoy the revenue generated from their investments.

Our values are expressed in our company’s name; Libertum, which means freedom. We want to break down the traditional barriers of the real estate industry and give everyone the opportunity to benefit from a reliable and predictable source of income. We want to be agents of change and reverse the challenges that today’s generation face in terms of property ownership.

What are the key benefits of Libertum? In what ways can it be utilized by individuals or corporations?

Investing with Libertum brings a host of benefits that cater to both individuals and corporations. Picture this: you, as an individual, can tap into a global portfolio of prime real estate ventures and seamlessly trade tokenized assets for enhanced liquidity in our peer 2 peer marketplace. Every individual can dive into fractionalized real estate investment, spreading your wings across diverse properties and enjoying a warranted stream of passive income. Blockchain technology ensures security and transparency in your transactions, providing a trust-filled journey. The Libertum digital marketplace is a vibrant ecosystem where rental income flows to you seamlessly.

Now, for corporations, it’s a game-changer. Tokenize your properties and unlock interest-free capital, and access a global pool of enthusiastic investors that believe in the Libertum vision. Without Libertum, these corporations would never have access to these investors. Libertum isn’t just a platform; it’s a tailored experience, combining accessibility, liquidity, and security to redefine the real estate investment landscape.

If someone is interested in partnering with Libertum, what are the first steps? Where can they find instructional guides or tutorials?

There are a range of ways individuals and companies can get involved. We have already forged mutually beneficial partnerships with real estate companies in the Middle East and South America and the EU. We have built long-term technology partnerships with Microsoft, Plume, and others. We are consistently building a network of partnerships with Libertum ambassadors and have a vibrant community that we keep updated on our successes. I think it is also important to say we also listen to those communities, value them, and recognize that their success is our success.

For anyone interested in benefiting from Libertum, The first step is to get in touch with us, the easiest way to do this is through our website; or one of our social media channels which you will find on our website. If you are a property owner or borrower you simply have to fill out the contact form or upload your property details, and we’ll reach out to you.

If you are a retail investor interested in investing in our LBM token to receive reductions in property investments, you can also simply visit the website and get in touch with us.

Libertum x Plume Network

What prompted your decision to develop on the Plume Network? What do you think is the main benefit of Plume Network that differentiates it from other RWA chains?

Plume’s KYC infrastructure enhances Libertum’s product flow by streamlining KYC/KYB processes. As Libertum expands to geographies with stringent regulatory standards, Plume’s integrations on the asset and capital side enable seamless end-to-end asset deployment. This unique infrastructure, integrated into both capital and asset sides, facilitates easy growth and expansion, marking a novel approach tailored for RWAs within a blockchain context. Plume’s experienced team GTM strategies offer strong support, contributing to our growth initiatives. We haven’t come across any chain that has this focus on tech and GTM before!

Looking ahead, what aspects of this collaboration with the Plume Network are you most enthusiastic about?

Looking ahead, we’re most excited about building on an RWA specific chain that is home to a variety of different asset classes and has a unique tech differentiator. By having a variety of different RWAs on one chain, it’ll be super easy to cross-pollinate capital amongst us plus our ecosystem partners! Being one of the first tokenized real estate projects on Plume also lets us pave the way as the leader in a new ecosystem. We’re excited for what’s to come!

About Plume:

Plume is an RWA L2 built for the seamless integration of RWA projects and new capital on-chain. It achieves this by directly incorporating essential asset tokenization and capital/compliance software directly into the chain. Plume’s objective is to establish a secure and cost-efficient ecosystem that simplifies project development and offers investors a unified platform to explore and invest in various types of RWAs. Additionally, Plume unlocks liquidity and supports the trading of RWA assets through its composable DeFi ecosystem.


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