January 5, 2024

Project Spotlight: Econergy

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Plume is addressing the middle market in renewable energy financing, where there is currently a significant gap in access to capital and practical liquidity management tools for Commercial & Industrial developers. With Plume’s innovative approach to real-world assets, Econergy can more effectively oversee the financing of its development portfolio.



Could you explain what Econergy is for those who might not know? What are its core mission and values?

Econergy is a leading developer of solar and storage for commercial facilities across the US. We strive to maximize our clients’ savings by designing the best energy system for their unique needs. We also help our partners embrace the energy transition.

What are the key benefits of Econergy? In what ways can it be utilized by individuals or corporations?

Econergy allows partners to go fully renewable without any up-front investment required. We operate with a transparent process that includes the savings estimates and operational benefits of working with us to achieve climate and financial goals.

If someone is interested in partnering with Econergy, what are the first steps? Where can they find instructional guides or tutorials?

A prospective partner can reach out on our website! We’re always in touch with partners looking to manage their energy transition. We will begin with engineering a system that meets your specific needs as an energy consumer.

Econergy x Plume Network

What prompted your decision to develop on the Plume Network?

Plume Network will enable us to effectively oversee liquidity for commercial solar projects. Currently, there is a substantial gap in transitional financial services between the standard residential solar market and large utility-scale developments. Plume’s technology will empower us to provide clients with more efficient financial tools. Plume recognizes that Real World Assets (RWAs) will be influenced by capital market drivers rather than technological ones.

What do you think is the main benefit of Plume Network that differentiates it from other RWA chains?

Plume is focused on what developers and real world asset owners need, which is not just blockchain. There are key deficiencies in the financial markets today that can be revolutionalied by blockchain, but the technology is only a small part of the story. The rest comes from compliance, regulatory filings, tokenization management, and other features of Plume that demonstrate their understanding of how markets work and what RWAs truly need.

Looking ahead, what aspects of this collaboration with the Plume Network are you most enthusiastic about?

I am most excited about the potential for a market of renewable energy assets that can remove the headache of layers of intermediaries to manage transactions that at their core can be simplified, but that operating costs of traditional financial preclude from servicing due to higher transaction volume requirements. This combination will lift up thousands of smaller renewable energy developers who are doing the work the world needs by removing the financing bottlenecks required by financial institutions to meet their size requirements (even if the project’s risk profile is fundamentally the same or better as a larger portfolio).

To learn more about Econergy, visit their website here.

About Plume:

Plume is a fully integrated and regulatory compliant L2 that enables the seamless onboarding of capital and real world assets on-chain. We incorporate key institutional concepts directly into the chain — identity, compliance, and safety. Native automated regulatory filings, KYC/AML/OFAC checks, custodians, transfer agents, and more ensures institutions can transact while staying fully compliant.


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