February 5, 2024

Project Spotlight: Dinari

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Interview Dinari

  1. Could you explain what Dinari is for those who might not know?
    What are its core mission and values? Dinari issues dShares, tokenized securities corresponding to stocks, ETFs, and more. Dinari is an SEC licensed Transfer Agent, and all dShares are 1:1 backed by shares in of the underlying security, held in a transparent treasury vault with regular audits.
  2. What makes Dinari different from other projects?
    Dinari assets are unique to both blockchain and traditional finance for a number of reasons. All Dinari dShares maintain a 1-to-1 backing with underlying assets, eliminating borrowing risk in traditional finance. dShares directly represent real shares, ensuring utmost transparency. Dinari assets also mitigate hypothecation risk, enhancing safety. The tokenizatized nature of dShares offers technical advantages over centralized equities, including rapid transferability, instant settlement, 24/7 trading, and fractional ownership, services, and dividends, increasing accessibility and liquidity. Dinari assets are secured through a number of mechanisms. All dShares are backed 1:1 by the underlying asset, with regular external audits by a Big 4 Accounting firm to verify their contents. Additionally, Dinari employs a legal wrapper to shield the assets from potential claims in case of bankruptcy, ensuring allocation to token holders. Dinari also conducts regular smart contract audits to mitigate technical risks.
  3. If someone is interested in partnering with Dinari, what are the first steps?
    You can learn more about partnering with Dinari on our For Business page, or reach out to us via email at hello@dinari.com

Dinari x Plume Network

  1. What prompted your decision to develop on Plume Network?
    The decision to develop on Plume was primarily driven by its strong understanding and commitment to supporting RWA projects, particularly on the infrastructure side. Among the various blockchain networks available, Plume stood out as a unique choice due to its unparalleled dedication to providing comprehensive support for RWA projects. Notably, Plume is the most promising chain committed to offering dedicated support, encompassing both technological expertise and a robust ecosystem, making Plume an ideal platform for our development efforts.
  2. What do you think is the main benefit of Plume Network that differentiates it from other RWA chains?
    The key advantage of Plume Network that sets it apart from other chains is its comprehensive infrastructure. Plume is committed to providing all the essential components, including KYC and on/off-ramp facilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for our project, as it alleviates the need for us to fully concentrate on building this infrastructure ourselves when onboarding onto the chain.
    Moreover, the supportive nature of the Plume team adds another layer of distinction. Their active involvement in the ecosystem and commitment to assisting us with marketing and general business development significantly contribute to a seamless and collaborative experience. This combination of robust infrastructure and dedicated support makes Plume a standout choice for our project’s development and integration.
  3. Looking ahead, what aspects of this collaboration with Plume Network are you most enthusiastic about?
    Looking ahead, our enthusiasm for the collaboration with Plume Network stems from being the inaugural project with a specific focus on tokenized stocks and ETFs on their platform. We are excited about the prospect of growing alongside the Plume team and actively contributing to the development of their ecosystem. Engaging with diverse projects on the chain adds another layer of excitement as it opens opportunities for collaboration and innovation within the Plume community.
    Furthermore, as the pioneering project in tokenized stocks and ETFs, we look forward to collectively pushing the RWA narrative forward alongside leading projects and thought leaders in the space. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of RWA projects on the Plume Network and contribute to broader advancements within the blockchain industry.

About Plume:

Plume is an RWA L2 built for the seamless integration of RWA projects and new capital on-chain. It achieves this by directly incorporating essential asset tokenization and capital/compliance software directly into the chain. Plume’s objective is to establish a secure and cost-efficient ecosystem that simplifies project development and offers investors a unified platform to explore and invest in various types of RWAs. Additionally, Plume unlocks liquidity and supports the trading of RWA assets through its composable DeFi ecosystem.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/plumenetwork
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/plume
Website: https://www.plumenetwork.xyz/
Telegram: https://t.me/plumenetwork