February 23, 2024

Onboarding the next wave of RWAs with Celestia underneath

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Today, we’re excited to announce that we are integrating with Celestia!

Celestia is a modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their own blockchain.

What is Plume Network?

Introducing Plume, a modular RWA L2 designed for onboarding RWA projects and net new capital on-chain by integrating key asset tokenization and capital/compliance providers directly into our chain. Plume’s mission is to do the following:

  • Create a cost-efficient & secure ecosystem that streamlines the building process for all RWA projects
  • Enable RWA composability to foster a new thriving sector of potential DeFi applications
  • Provide investors with a destination to invest and cross-pollinate in every type of RWA seamlessly and access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized real-world assets

Our team comes from Coinbase, Robinhood, LayerZero, Binance, Galaxy Digital, Scale Venture Partners, dYdX, and several other category-defining companies that give us a distinct advantage to revolutionize this market.

What is Celestia?

Celestia is all about modularism, not maximalism which means it is an innovative modular data availability (DA) network, thus making it easy for anyone to make their own blockchain. By diverging from the conventional approach, Celestia introduces a paradigm where various operations can unfold across distinct layers, thereby eliminating the constraint of having everything confined to a singular blockchain. This innovative framework fosters a more flexible and scalable environment for decentralized applications and processes.

How does Celestia help Plume Network?

Incorporating Celestia as our chosen data availability layer marks a pivotal advancement in Plume’s technological infrastructure. This strategic integration holds promises of substantial benefits, particularly in mitigating the gas costs associated with operating an L2 rollup like Plume. Celestia, distinguished by its vibrant developer ecosystem, emerges as a key enabler in enhancing the efficiency of Plume’s on-chain operations.

By leveraging Celestia’s cutting-edge data availability solution, Plume anticipates a notable reduction in gas costs by 99.9%, paving the way for a more cost-effective and sustainable L2 environment. By integrating Celestia, future projects and retail users will be able take advantage of the low cost and feel confident in using Plume Network. This will provide unprecedented low gas fees for the numerous RWA and DeFi projects building in Plume’s ecosystem, allowing the ecosystem to truly scale with the rapidly growing space today.

Celestia’s robust presence within the developer community and its widespread support among various rollup chains further bolster the credibility and potential of this integration. The fact that Celestia stands as the sole data availability solution deployed to mainnet underscores its pioneering position in the blockchain ecosystem.

Moreover, the collaboration with Celestia aligns with Plume’s broader vision of fostering a robust ecosystem where a variety of different RWAs projects can co-exist and unlock liquidity via a composable DeFi ecosystem.

So, if you’re ready to learn more and build on Celestia, check out their website below.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/plumenetwork
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/plume
Website: https://www.plumenetwork.xyz/
Telegram: https://t.me/plumenetwork