March 16, 2024

New Projects deployed on Plume (Mar 10 - Mar 16)

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This week, we’re thrilled to announce the latest projects launched on the Plume Network, signifying another important achievement in our ecosystem’s expansion. With the Plume Family rapidly expanding, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the most recent updates!

Cogito Finance

As a SingularityNET ecosystem project, Cogito Finance leverages AI technologies for intelligent asset management, tokenizing RWAs for on-chain access. Cogito’s mission is to bring tokenized traditional assets on-chain for increased liquidity, security, and transparency

How do Cogito and Plume work together?
Cogito aims to increase its liquidity sources by deploying on the Plume Network, accessing users educated in RWA and KYC-ed via Plume’s proprietary compliance solution. In turn, Cogito’s comprehensive offerings provide Plume’s existing users with investment options regardless of their goals and risk profiles. Cogito will also benefit from Plume Network’s differentiated suite of DeFi products with the added peace of mind that its assets are safe and secure.

Cogito Links:
Twitter | Website | Discord


OpenChrono is an ecosystem for watch lovers to enjoy, buy, sell, and collateralise luxury watches. OpenChrono offers a safer, more sophisticated way to buy and sell luxury watches, while leveraging web3 technology to unlock additional ways to extract value from these assets.

How do OpenChrono and Plume work together?
In collaboration with Plume Network, OpenChrono plans to open up its exciting and unique luxury watch marketplace to a new network of like minded investors. Plume’s ecosystem of RWA enthusiasts serves as a direct funnel to boost OpenChrono’s liquidity while OpenChrono provides Plume’s users with an additional asset class for a more comprehensive RWA experience. Together, OpenChrono and Plume aim to transform an antiquated shopping experience into an enjoyable and straightforward one.

OpenChrono Links:
Twitter | Website | Discord


eGrains, a trailblazer in agrocommodity investment, redefines the sector by offering a diverse portfolio of tokenized agricultural commodities, backed 100% by tangible assets such as soy, sugar, coffee, and corn. eGrains’ mission is to innovate, providing a transparent, flexible, and accessible gateway to agrocommodity investment.

How do eGrains and Plume work together?
eGrains will benefit from the robust infrastructure on Plume, such as enhanced security, data price feeds from our oracle network, and compliance with KYC / AML rules, which will streamline and improve the overall user experience. By leveraging Plume Network’s flexible DeFi layer, eGrains will bring to life a new revenue stream for its investors that was not readily available in the past.

eGrains Links:
Twitter | Website | Telegram

About Plume

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated for all real world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. Our mission is to simplify the convoluted processes of RWA project deployment and offer investors a blockchain ecosystem to cross-pollinate and invest in various RWAs. In addition, Plume enables RWA composability through its thriving DeFi applications and provides access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized RWAs.