February 26, 2024

New Projects deployed on Plume (Jan 22 - Jan 26)

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New projects are constantly joining the Plume Network ecosystem. Here are the projects launched this week from January 22nd to January 26th, 2024, contributing to various domains across the RWA space!

Here you’ll find detailed information on each project. Follow & support the projects that catch your eye, and check in weekly for updates on the latest members of the Plume Family! Together, let’s advance the development of the RWA space.

Silver Koi

Silver Koi is a specialized NFT perpetual exchange designed for professional traders. It facilitates long and short gaming, along with trading midcap and bluechip NFTs, all enhanced with leverage options. In the future, Silver Koi can enable the application of similar derivatives to real-world asset NFTs, enhancing the financial composability of tokenized assets on-chain.


Libertum revolutionizes the landscape of real estate investment by enabling property owners to harness interest-free capital through the digitization of their rental income rights, thereby eliminating the necessity of property ownership transfers. Investors can engage in the fractional rental income ecosystem and reap the benefits of regular passive income.


Farmsent is a blockchain platform connecting farmers with buyers, promoting food security, and prioritizing small farmers. The decentralized marketplace records every step of the process, ensuring secure transactions, and improving food safety and transparency.

Buk Trips

Founded in 2022, Buktrips is a tokenized exchange for travel assets where you can book, resell, or trade bookings in NFT. With an initial focus on hospitality, Buk is tokenizing hotel rooms, which enables newer business models to evolve, where travelers can resell their bookings that they are unable to use, travel agents can buy and resell inventory across their network, all while keeping it transparent and in control of the hotel who’s inventory is being traded/transferred. Imagine Expedia+OpenSea merged together, where hotel rooms can be traded based on key sporting events or conferences. Hotels earn trading royalties and can get visibility of prices even post-primary sales and be able to control it as well. Buk addresses pressing challenges in the hotel industry, including fragmented distribution, opaque markets, and high cancellation rates.

Defi Connect

DeFi Connect Credit stands at the forefront of decentralized finance (DeFi), revolutionizing the financial landscape with our upcoming products: an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and a Launchpad. These innovations bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance, providing users with seamless liquidity solutions and a platform for launching groundbreaking projects. Join us as we reshape the future of finance on the Plume Network, offering a unique blend of traditional financial principles and cutting-edge decentralized technologies.

About Plume:

Plume is a fully integrated and regulatory compliant L2 that enables the seamless onboarding of capital and real world assets on-chain. We incorporate key institutional concepts directly into the chain — identity, compliance, and safety. Native automated regulatory filings, KYC/AML/OFAC checks, custodians, transfer agents, and more ensures institutions can transact while staying fully compliant.


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