February 9, 2024

New Projects deployed on Plume (Feb 4 - Feb 10)

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Discover the latest additions to the thriving Plume Network ecosystem! From February 4 to 10, 2024, exciting new projects have been unveiled, enriching various sectors within the Real World Assets (RWA) landscape. Delve into the details of these innovative ventures below. Don’t miss out — keep up with the initiatives that intrigue you most. Join us in fostering the growth of the RWA sphere by staying informed about the newest members of the Plume Family. Expect frequent updates as we continue to expand our reach and impact!


ZOTH is an ecosystem that bridges liquidity across TradFi and Onchain Fi — one RWA at a time, effectively expediting the influx of assets and capital between these two sectors. The inaugural offering, Zoth — Fixed Income (Zoth-Fi), represents an Institutional Grade Fixed Income Marketplace, that facilitates investor access to top-tier Fixed Income assets through Stablecoins. Zoth encompasses a diverse spectrum of asset classes including Cross Border Trade Finance, Sovereign Government Bonds, and Corporate Credit.


Dinari issues dShares, 1:1 backed Real World Asset tokens of stocks, ETFs, bonds, REITs, and other assets. Dinari is an SEC registered transfer agent, and hold a reserve in a treausury vault which is audited regularly by a global accounting firm. Dinari has raised $10 million seed funding from top investors including 500 Global, SIG, Alchemy, and more.


The ASX Ecosystem is being developed with a focus on asset diversification and ease of access for investors. The ecosystem will consist of a number of funds, beginning with the Flagship Fund, a multi-asset fund consisting of real world assets (RWAs), yield bearing defi positions, and investments in early stage venture capital deals. The Flagship Fund works in tandem with the ecosystem token ($ASX), via both growth and yield distribution mechanics.

Red Curry

The better money for better future. Currynomics Labs’ Redcurry is revolutionizing financial access by offering a stable, real estate-backed digital currency for everyone, regardless of banking status. A reliable store of value and a secure medium of exchange. It addresses key financial challenges like inflation and volatility, providing a stable asset that appreciates in value, that is accessible to everyone. Beyond paving the way for inclusive finance, Redcurry enables use cases like collateral for stablecoins, lending, borrowing, and real-world applications, transforming the way we interact with and utilize financial assets. Redcurry is paving the way for future innovations like Greencurry, a forest-backed digital asset.

About Plume:

Plume is a fully integrated and regulatory compliant L2 that enables the seamless onboarding of capital and real world assets on-chain. We incorporate key institutional concepts directly into the chain — identity, compliance, and safety. Native automated regulatory filings, KYC/AML/OFAC checks, custodians, transfer agents, and more ensures institutions can transact while staying fully compliant.

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