February 23, 2024

New Projects deployed on Plume (Feb 18 - Feb 24)

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This week, we’re excited to introduce the newest projects deployed on Plume Network, marking another significant milestone in the expansion of our ecosystem. As the Plume Family continues to grow quickly, give us a follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news!


Landshare is a tokenized real estate ecosystem that enables seamless investment in RWAs on the blockchain. With Landshare, you can own a share of a real-world property by simply holding Landshare RWA Tokens (LSRWA).

IX Swap

IX Swap is the Uniswap for RWAs. With its AMM-powered DEX, IX Swap enables anyone with a security token to launch their liquidity pool. In addition, the IX Swap launchpad aims to democratize access to private market investments for everyday investors, for as low as $1. Utilizing blockchain technology and DeFi solutions, IX Swap establishes infrastructure and liquidity for security tokens and tokenized assets.
By enabling regulatory-compliant DeFi through licensed broker-dealers and custodians, users can access asset classes such as private equity, healthcare, infrastructure, natural resources, private credit, and more, with its easy 2-step KYC process. IX Swap has developed a complete solution for trading security tokens and tokenized assets, featuring a regulated secondary trading platform, launchpad, SaaS liquidity solution, and IXS token.


Carbify is the first CO2 project with United Nations-certified tokens, offering the world’s most impactful carbon offsets. Carbify leverages carbon debits to help reforest the Amazon rainforest, planting between 250k to 500k trees per year. Carbify is the leading platform for individuals and corporations to offset their carbon footprint and contribute to the local economies with education, funding, and social impact projects.
Carbify is the pioneer behind the Global Carbon Standard (GCS), which is the world’s first standard and methodology for Carbon Debits, a verified proof of absorbed carbon, not merely a promise of future absorption, countering greenwashing and fraud. Users can purchase NFTrees to start earning $aCO2 tokens to sell them to Carbify clients or burn to offset their own Carbon footprint.


YieldBricks is an RWA protocol designed to transform the way individuals earn passive income by enabling fractional investment opportunities. By tokenizing real-world asset (RWA) yields on the blockchain, YieldBricks makes it easier to invest in real estate, offering clarity and fluidity to a sector traditionally characterized by significant barriers to entry.
The YieldBricks team has extensive experience in investing, sourcing, and assessing real estate properties. YieldBricks has a community-first-driven approach with a strong focus on legal regulation. Through their platform, you can access fractionalized ownership in special commercial properties, vacation rentals, multi-family homes, storage and warehouse units, and more.

About Plume:

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to all real-world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. Our mission is to simplify the convoluted processes of RWA project deployment and offer investors a blockchain ecosystem to cross-pollinate and invest in various RWAs. In addition, Plume enables RWA composability (for specific assets) through its thriving DeFi applications and provides access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized RWAs.

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