February 16, 2024

New Projects deployed on Plume (Feb 11 - Feb 17)

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This week, we’re excited to introduce the newest projects deployed on the Plume Network, marking another significant milestone in the expansion of our ecosystem. As the Plume Family continues to grow quickly, give us a follow on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news!


Polytrade is building the first global marketplace focused exclusively on tokenized real-world assets. The RWA marketplace uses Polytrade’s ERC-6960 to enhance discovery, consideration, investment, trade, fractionalization, and leverage for assets ranging from treasury bills, real estate, trade finance, and commodities, to physical items such as collectibles and luxury items. Users can use Polytrade as a single gateway to global tokenized opportunities.


Discover The RWAX, the premier perpetual derivatives exchange exclusively dedicated to Real-World Assets (RWAs). As the leading platform for traders aiming for portfolio growth and protection, The RWAX offers unparalleled access to a diverse range of industries and sectors through its comprehensive suite of RWA-based indices. Empowering users to navigate cryptocurrency volatility profitably and seamlessly, The RWAX stands at the forefront of decentralized finance, ushering in a new era of stability and prosperity. Join us at The RWAX and unlock the potential of real-world assets in the ever-evolving landscape of digital trading.


StakeUp is a protocol that allows automated lending of USDC against treasury bill collateral, offering similar rates to the risk-free rate in an omnichain rebasing stablecoin, called stTBY. StakeUp acts like a fully composable USDC LST while deriving yield from loans over-collateralized by US treasuries. StakeUp accesses treasuries through Bloom TBYs (Term Bound Yield) tokens pioneered by @blueberryFDN. The whole system is completely permissionless and aims to provide access to safe treasury yields to all users on-chain.

Transfer Agent Protocol (TAP)

TAP is a fully open source and SEC-compliant protocol for onchain cap table management and post-trade settlement of tokenized securities. It is currently being used by two SEC-registered transfer agents for managing shareholder records fully onchain, with more regulated entities adopting it. It is based on and is fully compatible with the Open Cap Table format, which was developed by one of the national stock exchanges in the US. On Plume, TAP will be the first and mainnet implementation of the protocol with its own regulated entity. It will let institutional issuers bring their assets fully on this chain without having to rely on antiquated transfer agent intermediaries.

About Plume:

Plume is the first modular L2 blockchain dedicated to all real-world assets (RWAs) that integrates asset tokenization and compliance providers directly into the chain. Our mission is to simplify the convoluted processes of RWA project deployment and offer investors a blockchain ecosystem to cross-pollinate and invest in various RWAs. In addition, Plume enables RWA composability (for specific assets) through its thriving DeFi applications and provides access to high-quality buyers to increase liquidity for all tokenized RWAs.

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